Home Automation Services

Home Automation Services

Anyone looking to add home automation to your home or business? We can configure your place with a home automation hub with sensors to automate non-smart devices you already own. Over time as you add smart devices we can assist, as needed, with adding them to your home hub.

Common Automations:

Inside/Outside Light Control
Wireless Button / Switches
Washer / Dryer Notifications
Door / Window Notifications
Water Leak Notifications
Garage Door Control / MyQ Removal
Medication Reminders
Humidity turns on exhaust fan.
Start Vacuum / Stop Vacuum
Turn On/Off Lights when Arriving/Leaving Home

There are too many to list here, if you have a specific scenario please send a message.

The home automation hub would be local to your home, not requiring access to outside servers. You would also have the ability to control devices and receive notifications to your smart phone while at home. If you would like access to your home from outside your home network, we can assist with setting that up.

We offer a one time setup fee where you can manage your home automation after intial setup. If you want us to manage after install, we can for a monthly fee.

Please direct message us if interested.
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